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Monday, March 4, 2013

Victory Garden Seedling Time

Since spring here in Canada is right around the corner, at least I hope it is, Colin and I have started the seedlings for our Victory Garden.  This year the garden will not be in beds, but in pots since there is no sunlight in my parent's backyard.

The seedlings have been planted in rockwool cubes which we are keeping inside a small humidity dome.  Since we are low on space and windows that get light, we have the dome on our desk in the bedroom.  The lettuce is already sprouting! 

We have planted lettuce and some herbs. We could not find seeds for the other vegetables that had not been genetically modified, so we will be going to the local garden shop when the time comes for planting.

May 24 weekend is the usual date to plant outside, but depending on the weather we may start a week or two early.