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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ring Bearer Pillow Alternative

As mentioned before I like to do different things when it comes to my wedding.  I also don't like the idea of something being useless or gone to waste.  This is why I didn't want to have a usual ring bearer pillow.  I wouldn't know what to do with it afterwards,  and I would have 2 of them since 2 of my nephews are my ring bearers.  I would never dream of using them as a throw pillow or put it on my bed.  I'm not a frilly person.  I had seen some great ideas, of bound books, and paper flowers. But what would I do with them after, and I need to keep this wedding as inexpensive as possible.
While I was out last week perusing my favourite and yet not so favourite store I found these wooden hearts. I bought 2, and each on was under a $1.  I knew I had some twine and figured I could make something interesting for the ring bearer pillows.  I wrapped the twine around the heart making it slightly messy on purpose, I don't like perfectly neat crafts.  

  I then looked through my stash of ribbons and found a nice lacy one with gold edges and tied it through the middle of the top, so the ring will hang in the empty space in the centre.  

After the wedding we can use the hearts ti hang on our wall in the bedroom, or as our 'First Christmas' ornaments.  I think they look wonderful and I'm glad to have made a good ring bearer pillow alternative. And it was very easy and inexpensive.

Aug 22, 2012 Weigh In

I'm very elated with my weight this week!  This morning's weigh in was 162.8 lbs!  I've finally lost all the weight I gained from when I went home to my parents house.  Took a few weeks, but it has happened.  I'm almost in the 150's, I think i was 21 the last time I weighed in the 150s.  This is so exciting for me.  

I still don't notice much of a change, but I look at myself everyday.  I think tomorrow I might do some measurements.  But it is really nice when I see someone I haven't seen in a while and they notice I have lost weight.  

I'm hoping the video I have been doing everyday is helping,  I will rate it at the end of the week and pick a different one to do next week.  I really want to get rid of the back fat,  yesterday I tried on my wedding dress, and it was pouring over the back of the dress....not attractive.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Testing Workout Videos - Video #1

Since I have to increase my cardio I have decided to test out exercise vidoes.  As I do not have a lot of money and there is this wonderful thing called the internet with millions of free workout videos I will be searching the web for something that makes me sweat, keeps my heart rate up, and is simple enough for me to follow.  I'm not coordinated at all!  

This week I'm going to start off with a video I found on YouTube called  Burn Fat Fast: Cardio Workout uploaded by BeFit. The girl is very up beat and I will say it was kind of funny to listen to her.  But the name of the game is getting in shape, it's only 20 minute workout so I would recommend doing your own warm up and cool down, just to make sure you are in your target heart rate for 20 mins.  There were some funny booty shakes that I wasn't able to do but perhaps by the end of the week.  I was able to follow the instructions for the most part,  there was a movement towards the end that I just wasn't able to get the timing and direction right. 

I will do this workout every day until Saturday and tell you if I get better at it, and if I can stand her upbeat happiness.

Aug 19, 2012 Weigh In

Yes it has been a few weeks since I posted.  I'm still bobbing between 166 and 164 Lbs. It is clear that I have to up my work outs and continue to keep track of what kind of food I'm eating....So I will be looking for some good workout videos that an uncoordinated person such as myself can follow!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Herb Drying Time!

The time has come to start drying the herbs from the garden for winter.  In keeping with trying to live simpler and use less money to live we decided to dry the herbs this year.  The thought didn't occur to us at all last year.  Colin had dried a few sprigs of rosemary earlier in the summer because he was training the bush into a tree and I loved the taste! The taste of fresh dried rosemary is a million times better than store bought dried herbs.  It makes me wonder why everyone does not dry their own herbs.  
So this morning off we went into the herb garden with the lovely garden basket my brother gave us for Christmas, and chipped some herbs.
We picked onions chives, rosemary, dill (our dill didn't turn out very well this year it was too hot), lavender, sage, parsley and peppermint. 

It is best to pick the herbs in the morning after the dew has dried on them and before the heat of the sun wilts them and dies out their oils.  

I shook them all to get any bugs off them and rinsed them out.  Then lay each sprig out and patted to dry.  You don't want to bundle wet herbs, this is cause mold to grow.

After they were dry I removed any discoloured leaves, as well as leaves with holes in them.  and picked off the leaves on the bottom inch of each sprig.  This gives a good space to wrap the twine around.  

 I tried to make the bundles small and interspersed the leaves so air can move through them.  Once again we don't want any mold to grow on the herbs. I also made a little hook out of some garden wire to hang on our ceiling fan in the kitchen.  

Most people hang their herbs to dry in a dark, cool ,airy, well ventilated room.  We don't have a room with those three attributes, but the most important of them important is the cool, ventilation and air flow.  So we picked the kitchen, which has been the place of herb drying for hundreds of years so I'm quite sure we can not go wrong.  We never use the fan so there is no fear of them being knocked off.     
I made sure the bundles were not touching their neighbours and will be doing a daily check to ensure their is enough air flow going through them.

They should be left to dry 2 to 4 weeks.  And after that you have delicious dried herbs!

I have some glass jam jars I am going to use to put the herbs in when dry.  A good seal is required when storing the herbs.  And they will last up to a year. I plan on using the rosemary, dill, chives and some of the sage for cooking.  I will use the peppermint, lavender and sage for scented sachets.  I can't wait until they are ready!     

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aug 1, 2012 Weigh In

Last week I went back to my hometown with Colin to do some wedding work, and since my laptop was stolen last fall I was not able to update my progress.  I was 163 when I left,  When we came back home I weighed myself and was 167 again!  I wasn't exactly surprised at that measurement though.  Back at my parents house all my rules flew out the door.  Another good learning experience for me though,  next time I will try harder and be more prepared mentally for what is to come.  

Things I did that I shouldn't have:
  • One of the days we helped out close friends that were moving.  An entire day filled with lifting and stair climbing.  Great workout!  But we ate pizza all day....Not good
  • Another day was a friends birthday.  I did well until chips were put in front of me (we saw what I did at Colin's birthday) So I sat for 20 mins and just ate one ofter another....
  •  I didn't drink a large glass of milk before each meal
  • and I had white potatoes 
It's amazing how quickly the pounds return! When we got back home you would think I did everything in my power to get back on track again.  But I didn't,  It was like my mind was still on vacation.  It has only been in the last few days that I have been able to get back on my feet with my routine.  

This morning I weighed in at 165.3.   2 pounds, not bad, but not that good.  It seems that I keep taking steps back for every one forward.  But I will get past this,  hopefully learn something and use it in the future when I get off track again.