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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 9 pm Carb Cravings

So every night at about 9pm I get very strong carb cravings, and I have not been able to ignore them yet.  They are so intense! I can't help but feel I should be able to conquer these cravings because I was able to quit smoking cold turkey 4 months ago.  It wasn't easy at all...but I sometimes feel that quitting smoking was way easier than getting fit and losing my excess fat.

I bought hummus yesterday to eat with my carrot sticks, but someone ( we wont mention who) didn't put it in the fridge.  I was hoping to snack on that tonight when the urge comes...but I think I will have to go sans hummus.  OH well.  Carrots are good on their own, I just don't find them satisfying. That's why I love carbs.  They make me satisfied faster than other foods, however the fullness feeling does not last long so that usually leads me to eat a whole damn bag of chips....

Ah chips the greatest and yet worst invention.  Most people say chocolate is their weakness, but chips are mine.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy sweets.  But I would much rather have salty chips or crackers.  Yesterday when Colin and I were in the grocery store we went into the chip and cracker isle and my heart was racing, i started to salivate all I could think about was how much I wanted a box of crackers.  It was exactly the same feeling I had when I wanted or was about to have a cigarette.  Crazy! I'm actually addicted to salty food.  I always joked about the fact that I was addicted to food, but my reaction to the chip isle last night was a HUGE eye opener for me.  Maybe now that I know it's a bigger problem then I had initially thought I can take better care of my cravings.  

And you will be happy to know I did not get anything salty.  Well that's not true, I got a bag of those Twistos things.  It wasn't worth it!  they were ok and only 90 cal. but the cost was too much for what you get.  Which I guess the same can be said for a regular bag of chips too.  I did buy dried cranberries.  I'm going to snack on them as well as put them in salads.  

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