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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Medal Boutonniere

I had been looking for a new take on the boutonnieres for the guys in our wedding party. I wanted something to go with theme we have going which is a 1940's War Time Wedding.  I was perusing the web when I saw the idea for vintage war medals. I immediately loved the idea, it's a very different idea then the usual flower.  Not that there is anything wrong with flowers, I just wanted something different. 

I was really excited because my brother is wearing his Royal Canadian Air Force uniform, and he already has real medals. So I would not have to make him one, but since he has his own real medals I needed to make sure the ones I made looked somewhat real, and nice.  Before I decided to make the medals I thought I could buy some.  HAHAHA!  I totally forgot that they are collector's items.  

 So the time to search for materials.  I had thought of pendants, coins, medal buttons.  Anything that was metallic and round of a sort.  I found some nice aluminum pendants at the dollar store, but there was not quite enough for all the men.  I bought them anyways thinking we would go to another store.  

A few days later I went to Micheal's and wondered into an isle I never ever go in. (I'm a frequent Micheal's shopper) At the end of this isle were these pendants! How perfect for my purpose! I was told to go down the isle by the ghost of Micheal's I just know it! haha.  

Since I had a bunch of bar pins and hot glue I only needed ribbon and something to go over the long pin.  Finding ribbon was harder than finding the pendants!  I wanted to use the same colour of purple as the girls dresses, but I was unable to find it in ribbon form.  I settled for black with white diagonal lines.  I'm happy with the choice, looks better than I had originally expected. I stumbled across these inch and a half long medal things, for a lack of a better word, at Micheal's.  They were the perfect size to cover the long pin.

 I'm sure anyone can figure out how to make them,  but if you are anything like me I like to see what other people have done to help with ideas.

 First I pulled the ribbon through the loop hole at the top of the pendant making sure the pattern side is facing out.

 I matched the ends together and hot glued them. I also folded the part of the ribbon that is now narrow in the loop, to make it neat.

I hot glued the top of the ribbon to the long pin on the sticky side.  Make you the pin is on the right side here, the pendant should be facing out. 

I then hot glued the medal thing to the front and put a strip of the plain black side of the ribbon across the top of the pin so it looked clean.

Medal Boutonnieres for groom, best-man, groomsman, ring bearers, and fathers.
Here is what they all look like.  To make sure Colin's stood out he has the top 2 on the left.  The next 2 are for his brother/bestman. I gave him a plane to signify the fact that he is Colin's wingman. the top 2 right are for the ring bearers. Bottom 3 on the left are for the 3 grooms man and the remaining 2 are for the Dad's.  I'm really happy with my craftiness on this project.  I think They are going to look amazing on the day of the wedding.

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