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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Save The Date Post Cards

So My wedding is four months today! Wow time is flying by.  I sent out the Save the Date post cards a few weeks ago, and thought I would share them with you.  In keeping with the DIY and WWII theme, I made post cards using Microsoft Publisher.  I only have the 2003 version so there is a small chance they would have been cooler if I had the 2007 version. But it's just a small chance! hahah 
We didn't get engagement photos done so I had to search our photo stash for a picture of the two of us looking nice.  Colin usually makes funny faces in pictures so it took awhile.  This picture was actually taken when we first started dating! 

I used my Adobe Photoshop program to make the picture look kind of like a stencil, as I wanted to have a 1940's propaganda poster look.  I downloaded the fronts from Font Space   This website has loads of different fonts that are sure to fit any theme. The front Font is called 'American Captain'  I used a clipart picture of a pointing finger to go along with the propaganda poster theme.  
 For the back of the post card I looked at pictures of real vintage post cards and made my own design based on them.  The font here is also from Font Space, it's called 'Twentieth Century Poster'.

The hardest part of this was making sure everything printed out properly! I wasted a few pages of cardstock on this project!  

I think they came out really nice and fit perfectly with our theme of a World War two era wedding.  And it didn't cost much money either! Just the cost of the cardstock. 

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